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Jennifer Stein Has Been Named the New Director of Peoria’s Economic Development

Jennifer Stein has been named the new director of economic development services for the City of Peoria, where she will manage a team of business attraction, development, retention, and expansion experts. Stein had been acting as the city’s temporary economic development services director and communications director before this appointment.

“Jen is a tremendously talented, devoted professional with great leadership, business, and communication abilities,” said Jeff Tyne, Peoria city manager. “Her boundless energy and love for Peoria are contagious, and she will help put Peoria on the map as a top site for innovative industries, high-quality jobs, and a welcoming business climate.”

Stein offers more than 25 years of expertise in public and private sector communications, marketing, strategic planning, management, and community relations to the City of Peoria’s new economic development job. For eight years as Peoria’s communications director, she handled the city’s award-winning public relations, marketing, advertising, and tourism operations, as well as attracting restaurant and hospitality businesses to the city. Before coming to Peoria, Stein worked for the City of Glendale, where he was in charge of media relations for the 2008 Super Bowl, as well as marketing the annual Fiesta Bowl and BCS Championship games, as well as developing business and community partnerships in Westgate, and securing record-breaking media coverage. Stein was also a news producer for KTVK-TV Arizona’s Family and a senior account executive for HMA Public Relations, one of the largest public relations organizations in the Southwest.

Stein has brought many top-tier restaurants and hotels to the city during her brief term as interim economic development services director. She has previously teamed with numerous developers on a renovation project in Old Town Peoria, and she is currently working on a number of major commercial and employment projects throughout Peoria. She also secured the intended developer for Stadium Point at P83, a big mixed-use development. “We would never have been exposed to the great opportunities in Peoria if it hadn’t been for Jennifer Stein’s persistence,” said Greg Steinhauer, president of Steinhauer Properties and developer at the P83 site.

“The partnership of Greater Phoenix’s competent economic development experts strengthens the market, allowing us to work together to recruit and scale companies in the region.” Jen’s vision for Peoria, as well as her enthusiasm, commitment, and unwavering support for the community’s goals, will assist the region to develop and encourage future prosperity and growth,” said Chris Camacho, president, and CEO of the Greater Phoenix Economic Council.

WESTMARC CEO Sintra Hoffman remarked, “I’m so happy to continue working with Jen in her new capacity as Economic Development Services Director.” “She was instrumental in the development of a regional marketing plan for the West Valley. Her understanding of the key aspects in luring business to Peoria and the surrounding area will add to the West Valley’s economic development bench.”

Stein graduated from Northern Arizona University with a bachelor’s degree in public relations and is a member of the International City/County Management Association and the Arizona Association for Economic Development.

Jennifer Stein, Peoria’s economic development services director, said, “I am honored and pleased to continue working with such a brilliant economic development team and forward-thinking municipal administration.” “The sky is the limit for what we can do and bring to Peoria with an aggressive, inventive strategy to company promotion and a supportive, creative atmosphere for business development.”

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